10 Most-Popular Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

Here are some ​healthy recipes ​that you can ​make at ​home:


Oatmeal ​with berries ​and nuts: This ​is a ​quick and easy ​breakfast that ​is high in ​fiber and ​protein. Simply cook ​oatmeal according ​to package directions, ​then top ​with your favorite ​berries and ​nuts Oatmeal with ​berries and ​nuts breakfast recipeOpens ​in a ​new windoOatmeal with ​berries and nuts ​breakfast recipe

Eggs with avocado ​toast:

  • This ​is a classic ​breakfast
  • that ​is packed with ​protein and ​healthy fats. Simply ​cook eggs ​to your liking, ​then top ​with avocado and ​toast.
  • Eggs ​with avocado toast ​breakfast recipeOpens ​in a new ​window
  • Eggs with avocado ​toast breakfast ​recipe
  • Smoothie:
  • Smoothies ​are a ​great way to ​get a ​quick and easy ​dose of ​fruits, vegetables, and ​protein. Simply ​blend together your ​favorite fruits, ​vegetables, and protein ​powder.
  • Smoothie ​breakfast recipe
  • Opens in ​a new ​window
  • Smoothie ​breakfast recipe
  • ​Lunch

Salad with ​grilled chicken ​or fish:

Salads ​are a ​great way to ​get your ​daily dose of ​vegetables. Simply ​toss together your ​favorite leafy ​greens, vegetables, and ​protein. Salad ​with grilled chicken ​or fish ​lunch recipeOpens in ​a new ​window. Salad ​with grilled ​chicken or fish ​lunch recipe.

Sandwich on ​whole-wheat bread:

Sandwiches ​can be ​healthy if you ​choose the ​right ingredients. Use ​whole-wheat bread, ​lean protein, and ​healthy toppings, ​such as vegetables, ​hummus, or ​avocado.
Sandwich on ​whole-wheat bread ​lunch recipeOpens in ​a new ​window
Sandwich ​on whole-wheat ​bread lunch recipe

Grilled ​salmon with roasted ​vegetables:

This ​is a healthy ​and delicious ​dinner option that ​is perfect ​for busy weeknights. ​Simply grill ​the salmon and ​roast the ​vegetables in the ​oven.
Grilled ​salmon with roasted ​vegetables dinner ​recipeOpens in a ​new window
Grilled salmon ​with roasted ​vegetables dinner recipe

​Chicken stir-fry: ​

Stir-fries are a ​quick and ​easy way to ​get a ​healthy and balanced ​meal. Simply ​stir-fry your favorite ​vegetables and ​protein in a ​pan with ​a little bit ​of oil.
​Chicken stir-fry dinner ​recipeOpens in ​a new window
Chicken ​stir-fry dinner recipe

​Lentil soup: ​

Lentil soup is ​a hearty ​and satisfying meal ​that is ​perfect for cold ​winter nights. ​It is also ​a good ​source of protein ​and fiber.


Fruit ​is a ​healthy and refreshing ​snack that ​is low in ​calories and ​fat. Choose fruits ​that are ​in season and ​that you ​enjoy.
Fruit snack ​recipeOpens in ​a new window

Yogurt ​with berries: ​

Yogurt is a ​good source ​of protein and ​calcium. It ​is also a ​good way ​to get your ​daily dose ​of probiotics. Top ​yogurt with ​your favorite berries ​for a ​healthy and delicious ​snack.
Yogurt ​with berries snack ​recipeOpens in ​a new window

Trail ​mix:

Trail mix ​is a ​great snack for ​on-the-go. It ​is a good ​source of ​protein, healthy fats, ​and fiber. ​Choose a trail ​mix that ​contains a variety ​of nuts, ​seeds, and dried ​fruits.
Trail ​mix snack recipeOpens ​in a ​new window

These ​are just ​a few ideas ​for healthy ​recipes that you ​can make ​at home. There ​are many ​other recipes available ​online and ​in cookbooks. With ​a little ​planning, you can ​easily eat ​healthy and delicious ​meals at ​home.

Here are ​some tips ​for writing a ​healthy meal ​plan:

Start by ​listing your ​favorite healthy foods. ​This will ​help you to ​create a ​meal plan that ​you will ​enjoy.
Make sure ​to include ​a variety of ​foods from ​all food groups ​in your ​meal plan. This ​will help ​you to get ​all the ​nutrients that you ​need.
Choose ​lean protein sources, ​such as ​chicken, fish, beans, ​and lentils.
​Limit your intake ​of processed ​foods, sugary drinks, ​and unhealthy ​fats.
Cook at ​home more ​often. This will ​help you ​to control the ​ingredients in ​your meals and ​to save ​money.
Plan ahead. ​Make sure ​to have healthy ​snacks and ​meals on hand ​so that ​you are less ​likely to ​reach for unhealthy ​options when ​you are hungry.
​By following ​these tips, you ​can easily ​create a healthy ​meal plan ​that you can stick to.


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